Traditional painting of Theyfryng

(Á Þéfryŋ, pronounced [oɑ ˈθɛifrɪŋ] in Anathic) is the hart deity of Anathic culture. It plays a central role in the myth of the birth of the Anathic language and symbolises strength, honour, beauty, nature, poetry, gender and sexuality. Theyfryng appears on the Hoyeran flag and symbolises loyalty and protection for the country.


Á Þéfryŋ comes from Old Anathic ā þevŕyŋ, meaning 'the source of trees', with the alternative but uncommon name Á h-'Ænæþyŋ, 'the source of the language'.


Theyfryng is described as a hart with large, branch-like antlers which bloomed with heavy magnolia blossoms throughout the year, and bluebirds often perched upon the branches when they were weary or unwell. Its pelt was a dappled fawny colour, as if still youthful, despite the size of its antlers. It is of undetermined sex and Anathic speakers do not consider it to be neither male nor female, but both.


The mythology surrounding Theyfryng is twofold: it is the source of the trees of Hoyer and the source of the Anathic language.

Theyfryng arrived at Hoyer before mankind and roamed the eastern side of the desert, turning it into lush meadows as it walked. Where Theyfryng travelled, trees grew in its path; where Theyfryng rested, the blossoms on its antlers fell and burst into tiny saplings, eventually growing into great magnolia trees. Over the centuries the trees watched the land change and grow as Theyfryng travelled and gained endless knowledge of the world.

Theyfryng returned to the first magnolia trees during springtime several centuries later and was saddened that they were not in bloom. Frustrated, it began rubbing the bark with its antlers, the friction deteriorating them significantly. Eventually Theyfryng summoned all of its strength and pulled the roots from the earth, which in turn brought forth the first humans of the world, in the form of young mute children.

The children played with Theyfryng until they reached puberty, at which point Theyfryng tore branches from the magnolia trees for them each to wear as headdresses, and told them that it was time for them too to travel the world as it had done. Occasionally, Theyfryng would call out to the humans but would get no reply, due to them being mute. This gave Theyfryng a great deal of sadness, and so one spring when they all returned to the magnolia trees, Theyfryng placed a blossom from its antlers into each of their mouths, granting them the gift of speech - the Anathic language.